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Welcome to Cookoo Kids, a food, garden and sustainability themed activity blog that nurtures little tummies and minds.

Food: Because we sincerely believe that a child who is confident in the kitchen is confident in all areas of life. The kitchen is a wondrous, magical place where children (and their adults) can explore the wonderful world of food and flavours with the added benefit of gaining hands-on experience of math, science, cultures and ethics.

Garden: The garden, no matter how big or small, is a place to meditate on the beauty and miracle of nature. From seeds to sprouts and insects to enzymes, a garden tended with love will always keep giving.

Sustainability: It’s very important to work around the 5 Rs — Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, Refuse and Repurpose. With these as part of our core principles, Cookoo Kids hopes to raise a generation of conscientious consumers who will always think about how they can do their part in making the world better, simply by using what they have.

Our company was started by an enthusiastic parent with the aim to inspire, inform and educate parents and young children through recipes, ideas, DIYs and videos. All the content on the site is carefully curated and extensively tested by fellow parents and individuals who share in our core beliefs.

Cookoo Kids is your feel-good place and aims to produce content that makes children and their adults smile, learn and explore.

Cookout Kids is founded and run by Afsha Khan Jayapal – an ex-food journalist with The Indian Express who has worked extensively in print and online media with companies such as The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Condé Nast and BBC, London.

She’s a curious cook and parent to a very fussy eater which is why she’s so keen on creativity in the kitchen. Cookoo Kids is her attempt to help fellow parents and children explore food and flavours through fun activities in the kitchen, garden and life, in general.

You can write to her at

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